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TOP TEN REASONS | MCS/AA :: Islamic School & College Preparatory
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1. Our Highest Goal is to educate every child not only to be the best person academically but also the best spiritually. Our belief is that strong moral character is essential to becoming truly successful in life.
2. A peaceful and spiritually pure environment providing a safe haven for each student where they are respected and honored in order to build strong self-confidence and sound mental, emotional and spiritual health.
3. Extremely caring and educated teachers and staff working from their heart for the love of Allah (S) to promote love, peace and success.
4. Small class sizes offering each student individual attention and care from their attentive and kind teachers.
5. Strong Islamic & Quranic Studies Program led by the renowned scholar shaikh Abdul-Jalil Nawee. Shaikh Abdul-Jalil has over 15 years of formal training from some of the best Islamic institutions in the world. He is also a hafiz of the Glorious Quran. He lectures widely across the United States and the world, recognized for his personal piety and deep knowledge of Islam and the various Madhahib within Islam. The Islamic & Quranic Studies program emphasizes learning Islam through understanding and living the beautiful Quran.
6. Multi-Madhab: students from various schools of thought loving and respecting one another as true brothers and sisters in one united community – reflecting the garden variety of the ideal Ummah to make our Prophet(s) proud.
7. Multi-ethnic student body, represented by students and families from over 20 countries of the world.
8. First Islamic School in the Metro Washington-DC area, established over 30 years back, which gives us a wealth of history and experience to draw from in achieving our highest goals.
9. Facilities attached to one of the largest Islamic Centers in North America granting us extended resources.
10. Located next to major highways in the heart of serene Potomac, Maryland – Metro Washington DC area.