Two Simple Fundraisers We Can All Do to Support MCS/AA


Do you use

Instead of purchasing items through Amazon, go through Amazon Smile (the exact same thing as Amazon) and before you shop, choose Alim Academy as your charitable organization so we can receive donations (and you receive the barakah) from your eligible purchases.  You only have to select us one time.  
Do you shop at Harris Teeter?

If yes, you could be gaining bonus barakah through donations made to MCS and not even realize you’re doing so if you link your VIC card to MCS!
It’s simple:
–> Go to and link your card to MCS (either find it by name or our ID number 2843);
–> Visit a Harris Teeter store and ask your cashier to link your card to MCS (2843).   This has to be done yearly.

Spread the word to friends, family, and coworkers…
Now shop (and donate) away…