MCS’s Virtual PreK Class 2020-2021

Sr. Fatima Eslami   


Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 am-11:30 am

Salaamu Alaikum Respected PreK Parents,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! 

I am excited to join your children for the beginning of their academic journey this year! Children learn best through fun and games, and play, play, play so that is exactly how we are going to travel through our PreK journey this year Inshallah! 

I know that at such a young age children are not able to focus or sit still for long periods of time so I have organized the following schedule to try to suit their needs:



9:30-9:40: Quran

9:40-9:50: Story Time

9:50-10:00: Physical Exercise Activity

10:00-10:25: Literacy

10:25-10:50: Math

10:50-11:00: Story Time

11:00-11:30: Special Activity of the Day (science, art, or akhlaq)


Pre-K Curriculum

Memorization of short surahs, basic Islamic phrases

Sharing and acts of kindness

Alphabet (identify, write, sound familiarity)

Tracing and matching

Identify shapes and colors

Identify and write numbers 0-9

Counting 1-10; 10-20



Emotions and the 5 senses

Health and safety


Family and friends, community helpers

Animals and their sounds and homes

Basic Art Items Needed





-glue stick

-pipe cleaners

-paper plates

-construction paper

-cotton balls

-food coloring