High school is about college and career success.  Writing skills continue to be polished in preparation for college essays and workplace writing tasks.  Students learn about financial literacy and expand their technological skills.  Quran and Islamic Studies continue to be emphasized as true success is measured in one’s taqwa (righteousness and piety). As for the Islamic Studies Program, we teach a dual-pronged Islamic Studies Curriculum with option to study to both Sunni and Shia curriculums. Students proudly represent our school at the DC MIST (Muslim Interscholastic Tournament) competitions and county science fairs.  The SGA (Student Government Association) sponsors book fairs, fundraising for various charitable causes and help instill school spirit among the students they will soon be leaving behind as they become productive citizens in our global society – a responsibility we place great emphasis on.

Advanced Placement Coursework

AP courses are those for which a College Board Advanced Placement examination exists. A qualifying score on an AP exam may give the student college credit or advanced standing in the subject in many colleges. These courses include concepts and skills that help prepare students for the AP exams. The courses offered depend on enrollment and interest. The following are prerequisites for the typical AP courses offered, contingent upon the individual teacher and administrative decisions:

Class Prerequisite
Calculus AB
  • Should have taken and passed geometry, algebra II, and pre-calculus with scores of B or higher in all quarters
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Completion of biology and chemistry with scores of B or higher in all quarters
  • Completion of algebra II with a B or higher in all quarters
  • Should have B in English
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Should have a B in English
  • Should have completed chemistry with an A in all quarters
  • Concurrently enrolled in or completed with pre-calculus or higher
  • mathematics course
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
English Language
and Composition
  • Should have taken English 9 and 10 with As in all quarters or Bs in honors
  • Must complete summer coursework
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
World History
  • Must have earned a B in all quarters in American history
  • Must have earned a B in all quarters in English 9 & 10
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Should have earned an A in all quarters of American history
  • Should have earned a B in all quarters in English 9-11
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA


The MCS-AA high school program follows a four-year college preparatory curriculum with the addition of Quran and Islamic studies courses that are taught as survey electives. This provides students with the opportunity to be well prepared for the demands of higher education and life, to think and act critically, to solve problems independently, to cooperate with others, and to collaborate and contribute responsibly with our global society while being mindful of religious values.

4 Year High School Course of Study
English – 4 credits

9th World Literature
10th Genre Studies
11th American Literature
12th British Literature
(Optional) AP English Language and Composition

Mathematics – 4 credits
9th Geometry
10th Algebra II
11th Precalculus
12th Calculus or Statistics

Science – 4 credits
9th Environmental Science
10th Biology/Chemistry/Physics
11th Biology/Chemistry/Physics
12th Biology/Chemistry/Physics
(Optional) AP Physics, Biology, or Chemistry

Social Studies – 3 credits
9th U.S. History Industrialism through Modern Era
10th National, State, Local Government
11th World History
12th Justice, Law and Society
(Optional) AP World History, Government, or Psychology

Foreign Language – 2 credits
Whenever possible, students will be given a choice of a foreign language

Islamic Studies – 2 credits
Instruction in practical law, history, beliefs, and ethics

Quran – 2 credits
Instruction in recitation, memorization, and tafsir

Technology – 1 credit
Instruction in HTML 5, JAVA, and/or web design

Health – ½ credit
This course must be taken at some point during the high school years

Physical Education – ½ credit
To be regularly taken in 9th thru 11th grades

Fine Arts – 1 credit
Instruction includes foundations of art, studio art, and drawing and design


To graduate, a student must earn a minimum of the 21 credits as outlined in the above course of study. Course credit is awarded when all coursework and exams have been successfully completed. One credit is equal to 180 minutes of instruction per week throughout the year, or its equivalent.

Additionally, all financial obligations and any grades of F or I (incomplete) on the transcript must be satisfactorily remediated before receiving a diploma.

Service Learning
As per the Maryland State Department of Education, students will complete upon graduation, “seventy-five hours of student service that includes preparation, action, and reflection components.” Special recognition will be made of students completing 300+ hours of service learning at the time of graduation.

Middle school students, upon entering the 7th grade and in good academic and behavioral standing may begin accruing hours toward the graduation requirement.

Official forms for documenting hours can be found in the main office.

Grading System

At MCS-AA, we view evaluation and assessment as an ongoing process. Students will be evaluated according to their daily performance and progress. Means of evaluation will include projects, reports, and performance assessments as well as school exams. Each individual teacher will inform his or her classes of their grading breakdown, which has been approved by administration.

9th-12th Grade Grading Scale

Symbol Percentage GPA Weight
A 90-100 4.00
B 80-89 3.00
C 70-79 2.00
D 65-69 1.00
F 0-64 0.00


Grade Point Average
Grade point averages (GPAs) are computed at the end of each quarter and each year for high school students using cumulative quality points. GPA is computed both as unweighted and weighted. Every general class is based upon the 4.00 GPA scale, un-weighted. Honors classes will be weighted on a 4.50 scale with an A earning a 4.50, a B a 3.50, etc. AP classes, both online and physical, will be weighted on a 5.00 scale, with the grade of A earning a 5.00, the grade of B earning a 4.00, and so forth.

Honor Roll
High honor roll involves quarter GPAs 3.8 and above.
Honor roll involves quarter and final GPAs 3.50 – 3.79.
Please note that any child with disciplinary issues may not qualify for the honor roll.