School Uniform Requirements

All Students:
Shoes for everyone should always be PE and recess time appropriate. None of the students in the school should come with any sort of make up or nail polish on. Uniform requirements begin in Grade 1.

Preschool – Kindergarten:
While there are no uniform requirements for preschool through Kindergarten students we do request that clothes with characters and slogans on them be avoided. Please choose clothing that is simple and comfortable.

Boys Grades 1 -10:
Royal blue polo-type shirt, long sleeved and navy blue pants (we do allow loose fitting jeans). The shirt may be found in stores, but can also be purchased from this website:

Girls Grades 1-5:
Navy blue jumper with a white shirt underneath and navy blue or black pants, or loose-fitting jeans (leggings for this age group only are also permitted) underneath. Hijab is not a requirement until grade 3, but we do recommend it. All students will need a hijab for salat time. Hijabs can be any color and style.

Choose from either of these styles of jumpers:

Girls in grades 6-12:
Navy blue tunic (from the website below) with navy blue or black pants underneath. Pants must be pants and not leggings. ‘Boot cut’ yoga pants as opposed to leggings and slim fit pants are a good option. A hijab that completely covers all hair and neck is required. Hijabs can be of any style and color. Shawls that sit loosely on the head without being fastened securely will not be permitted. Make up and nail polish are also not permitted.

We consider home as the first checkpoint when it comes to following uniform rules. Please be sure to send your children to us having passed your inspection first.