🌱 Harvesting Hope & Planting Seeds for Tomorrow 🌱

As a non-profit institution, we rely on the generosity of our community to continue providing quality education to our students. Your donations will make a significant difference in the lives of our students, and we appreciate your ongoing support. Please visit the links below to contribute.

In a world filled with uncertainties, we stand firm in our commitment to cultivating hope and prosperity for generations to come. With your support, we aim to harvest the fruits of our labor while sowing the seeds of a brighter tomorrow.

At MCS/AA, every child is a beacon of hope, embodying the promise of a future filled with knowledge, faith, and compassion. Through our nurturing environment and comprehensive education, we empower our students to become confident leaders who positively impact their communities while upholding their values of Islam.

Just as a seed requires care and attention to flourish into a tree, our school relies on your generosity to thrive and grow.

Please donate online and attend our fundraising dinner featuring renowned comedian, Yasmin Elhady, on April 28th to help us reach our $60,000 goal. Your donation will go towards three main categories:

1. Early Childhood Improvements – $25,000

We hope to build a safe and stimulating distinct playground for toddlers with age-appropriate play equipment. We also hope to expand the current preschool.

2. Technology Enhancements – $20,000

We’d like to enhance classrooms to support a more seamless digital learning experience. This includes the integration of Vibe/smart boards, iPads, and upgraded laptops for staff.

3. Professional Development and Staff Workshops- $15,000

We wish to invest in an education consultant and training among our educators, leading to improved student achievement and a dynamic educational environment. Your support will contribute to empowering teachers and elevating the overall quality of education.

Please share this fundraiser with your friends and family, as well as on social media, to help us spread the word and reach our fundraising goal.