Dear MCS/AA Families,

As-Salaamu Alaikum. It is both hard to believe but also a relief to know we have reached the end of our first quarter – hard to believe because where did the time go (?!), and a relief in that our COVID protocols in place, and supported by our families’ diligence, have worked! It is still not too late for families to register children for weekly COVID testing done in school and free of charge. We recommend it as an added layer of assurance. Sign up at:

Our first quarter has been a busy one with the establishments of safety patrols, our SGA and yearbook club, a thriving PTO, one field trip done as well as the first Parent/Teacher conference, and an amazing Mawlid celebration. Second-quarter is also looking to be just as engaging with MAP testing for grades K-8, college counseling sessions for our high school students looking at SAT and ACT exams, and a wider push for middle school students to form our first-ever Future City team.

With back-to-in-person-school reacquainting and adjusting done in the first quarter, the second quarter will hold students to higher standards of competencies and rule-following, especially the one about not using phones during school (!) and adhering to teacher-set deadlines.

We will continue to hold our parents to higher expectations as well with regards to parking lot and school driveway safety – with NO backing down the road at any time regardless of whether patrols are there or not, with getting students to and from school on time, and monitoring very carefully what programming is being watched by children at home and into the night. We expect exposures to secular activities, books, movies, etc. to be kept to a bare minimum (if any at all) and the maximum amount of family time spent with the good, halal, safe, Islamic fun and learning.

Remember, we are all responsible for what our own children bring into the school setting, exposing all others to. This is a good place to state our policy on Halloween – we have none of that in our school, we do not want to hear talk of it, nor see candy obtained from it – thank you.

We look forward to the fresh start the new quarter brings and encourage our parents to check Gradelink frequently to stay well informed of how your child(ren) is/are performing. Please keep up the good communication between school and home as that is how we can complete this journey with maximum success. If any parent is available to offer tutoring services, even if only a few hours a week in ESL, reading and writing, or math kindly let us know.

As always we express our most sincere gratitude to the entire school community, especially the teachers, who collectively make this school the great school that it is. For the first time in my knowledge, we have long waitlists for many of our classes and have had to turn people away. This is one example that speaks to the great work being done here by all.

May we all have a safe, happy and healthy fall season.
Was-Salaamu Alaikum,
Sr. Somayyah Nahidian