Principal’s Message – Looking Towards Getting Back in School Safely for 2021-22

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

At this point, looking to end this school year and plan the next, we have nothing but admiration and appreciation for our entire school community for their grit, patience and fortitude in making the best of a challenging and very different set of circumstances.  

Alhamdulliah, we will have spent about 850 hours online learning, engaging and collaborating proving that we understand the hadith from Rasulullah (sawa) that states: “Even if the end of time is upon you and you have a seedling in your hand, plant it.”   We moved forward as our Messenger would want us to, even if our steps seemed heavy and required more diligence from time to time.  

We thank our students and (parent co-teachers) for:

  • Showing up online – mostly on time and mostly prepared and ready to learn;
  • Mostly keeping cameras on;
  • Patiently prevailing over technical issues;
  • Guiding teachers and administration through their own technical matters;
  • Giving it your best in extraordinary times!

We also thank our teachers for:

  • Showing up ;
  • Learning how to teach in a very different way;
  • Being flexible and patient when technology didn’t work as planned;
  • …Or when your students didn’t work as planned ;
  • Valuing and appreciating what your students were able to bring to the screen everyday;
  • Knowing when to be accommodating versus hold students to high standards;
  • Giving it your best in extraordinary times!

We are excited for all that we have learned during this year and are even more excited to continue to use much of it while we clear the path to getting back into school safely, inshaAllah, for the coming year.  

We will always be among those who submit to the will of Allah.