We are happy to share with you our full intention to continue – actually expand on – where we left off in the school year 2019-20 as a successful online school.  It seems like our Drive-Up Graduation Ceremony and Wave Parade was just a few days ago and we thought: ‘all we have to do is get through these events, take a loooong sigh of relief, enjoy some summer break and we will be back in school like normal’.  Alhamdulillah we plan and Allah plans and we all know to submit to His better plans.

Part of that submission included the decision to keep everyone safe above all else, and begin our new school year 2020-21 online and revisit the ‘return to school’ option in January 2021.  This decision has allowed us to turn our full attention to improving and expanding on our online instruction and course offerings – instead of health, safety, disinfecting, social distancing, staggered entries/exits, temperature checking, protocols when someone gets sick and all other crucial components any school planning to open in the fall is now faced with trying to figure out.

We have a dedicated committee of teachers, parents, Board members, medical doctors, IT professionals, and MCPS personnel meeting, working, designing, sifting through platform options, organizing training, and perfecting what we did in quarter 4 of last year to launch us into another successful distance learning school year.

We remain committed to offering engaging and quality learning with each whole student in mind – their academic, spiritual, emotional, and physical well being all on our radars and at the core of our training and preparation to best serve them.

We ask Allah to clear our path and guide us to the most efficient and productive method to nurture and shape His precious amanah.  Bismillah….