We are truly grateful for all of the support and effort that went into preparation for this never-been-done-before virtual start of the academic year.  Our parents and students have all been very patient while even small things like getting the necessary textbooks from school to home had to be done in new ways.  The care given by parents to establish a practical study area at home and to provide just the right amount of over-the-shoulder support has truly contributed to this whole process running so well.  

Our teachers have gone through an amazing amount of learning this summer and on for which we can never thank them enough for.   Many of them had to improvise when textbook companies busier than normal could not get them their teaching resources in time for the start of school.   In fact, we are still waiting for items to arrive that were ordered during summer break, but they remain committed to seeing to it that the learning goes on regardless.

A recent check-in with our tech support had us realize that we really haven’t needed their help once school started which is of course due to the tremendous amount of hours spent making sure that would be the case throughout June, July and August.   

Our Board of Trustees had our backs the whole time and readily approved any new decisions and purchases needed to create the virtual MCS we are all now benefiting from.  

So one would think the time now is to sit back and relax and watch the show go on.  But our level of expectations and high standards will not allow that.   We continue to monitor such things as student engagement and participation levels, different ways to assess if learning has happened, holding students to proper Islamic adab levels at all times and making sure virtual learning is equitable to all of our students.   

It will be an interesting year for sure with the design of new protocol for scenarios we have not yet encountered even though we are nearing our 40th birthday and can proudly lay claim to those 4 decades of school and student experiences, situations and settings.  What will not change is the responsibility we hold dear to our hearts and actions to nurture tomorrow’s leaders – for a tomorrow that still none of us can really define.  

What is defined for us is our deen which is meant for all times and never fades or becomes obsolete no matter what the global state of affairs may be.   This is the constant in our lives that while grounding us also is the force that moves us forward pushing our students to be more engaged, our teachers to consistently strive for maximum productivity and learning, and the unceasing reminders for an Islamic, Allah-approved, lifestyle and existence in us all.  

Our du’a remains the same even though we have taken off safely with clear skies ahead: we ask Allah to make smooth our path going forward and continue to guide us – teachers, parents, students, administration, volunteers – to the most rewarding and dynamic school experience, inshaAllah.