Dear Parents of Your Intelligent Model United Nations Club Member Child:
As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu’Allah,

First, congratulations to you and your well-mannered child following yesterday’s Model United Nations {MUN} Fall Training Conference.  Your child, along with every other MCS student-delegate, was outstanding.  It took a lot of serious preparation and courage to participate in this conference.  Nearly two hundred students from local and regional public and private schools attended the day-long conference.  It was exciting and inspiring to say the least.

Second, please applaud your child’s commitment and dedication as a member of this important club.  Accepting the challenge and responsibility of becoming a club-member was the first step.  Step two required attending two Saturday morning, rigorous prep-sessions (November 2, and November 9).  Step three required their attending and performing their best during the conference as a student-delegate representing one of the following four countries: Germany, Mongolia, Nigeria, and Panama.  As you well know: The conference theme was MALNUTRITION.  It was the only topic-theme students discussed, debated, and collectively considered as viable solutions to this global, life and death tragedy.

Finally, please reinforce my total appreciation and happiness with your child’s performance yesterday during the conference.  As usual, Al-Hamdulillah, your child – our entire nine-student delegation – was recognized and applauded by the conference sponsor and director, Ms. Nicole Bohannon.  Additionally, and as usual, Al-Hamdulillah, we were the first school delegation to arrive at the venue i.e.  The Pan American Health Organization Building {PAHO}.  This allowed our delegation to select “choice seats” inside the very modern, high-tech, conference auditorium.  If possible, find a little time and “cash” to treat them to something special.  I plan on treating them to something special next week, Insha’Allah.  Please encourage them to participate in the April 2020 MUN Spring Conference.  The conference normally takes place inside the Department of State Building in Washington, DC.

Congratulations!  And thanks again for encouraging and allowing your child to experience academic, social-responsible-life beyond Muslim Community School’s “sacred walls.”  Just another building-block in your child’s overall development, Ameen!

Sincerely wa respectfully…
Wa Salaamu Alaikum,

BrSalahuddeen Abdul Kareem
MCS’s MUN Coordinator/Coach